Saturday, August 13, 2011

Give Away! Last Day! News Updates!

I have been overwhelmed by the response to giving my sweet scooter a name!  You guys are awesome!  Just when I get close to making a choice someone posts a new consideration.  So, this is what I have decided to do...I am going to toss everyone who gave a name suggestion in the coffee fabric/apron pattern give away and use the number generator and then I am going to give something (I haven't decided yet) to the follower who's name suggestion I decide to use!  2 Winners will be announced tomorrow.  Today will be the last day to join as a follower & post a suggestion for this GiveAway. I will keep adding the names to the list on yesterdays blog.  It is fun to read all the variety of possibilities...kind of like what my son and DIL are doing now in choosing a name for their new baby who will arrive in January (now they are calling it McGoober).

This morning I will be heading over to Pioneer Park to view the Mt. Bachelor Quilt Guild show.  It is a lovely show with quilts hung all around the park and, it is a beautiful day.  Which means...slide show tomorrow!!!

...and if you think that all I do is talk on this blog...yada, yada, yada...blah, blah, blah and never sew...guess again!  My cousin and family are visiting Bend this weekend. I have been feverish working on tacking the binding down on the Dr. Seuss quilt for McKenna's belated birthday I was doing that I got distracted by the idea of making a skirt for her out of the left over fabrics.  I used Valori Well's card patterns (simple & only $3) you can order them on the Stitchin Post website.  Isn't it adorable!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday.  See ya on the open road...cause a girl has gotta feel the fresh air against her age spots! LOL


  1. The scooter is absolutely awesome!! I do not know if I would be that steady on one, but it would be a blast trying. Love the floral pattern. Never seen one like it. I would name her (assuming gender by color ;) ) Habiscus. Is that the correct spelling for the flower? Love that flower... it is so exotic and has a race horse kind of sound to it, which will come in handy while you are speeding along! ;)

  2. Cute skirt! Have fun feeling the wind on your age spots! lol I'll be looking forward to the photos!

  3. That is too stinkin' cute. Makes me wish I was little again just to wear something like that. Smiff, I miss my baby granddaughter, she turns 16 on the 16th of September. When she was little, I made her a tiered skirt out of cow patch fabric and she wore it constantly unless she was wearing her tutu. OMGosh I'm going to start bawling now.