Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girl Friend, Ragazza, Amie, Подруга 2

This is my latest book on CD.  I am drawn to her book (remember the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) because I am green with envy for those who have had girlfriends since childhood.  The characters in this series had mothers who were all friends and the sisterhood were all born in the same month...friends for life!  Do any of you have a bestie since childhood that you still connect with regularly?  I am thinking about this because yesterday when I had to sign up for an online view of  statement it asked me 3 security questions.  One was, "who is your childhood best friend?"  I always put "Colleen" because she is my earliest friend that I am totally connected with...we met at the age of 14, 2 girls starting high school in an all girls school.  There have been ups and downs, tragedies, broken hearts, tempered with soooo much fun girl time! 

My other long time friend is Terri, who was my college roommate.  LOTS of history there.  What is intriguing is that as time has passed and there were great spans of time where we were busy with life and only connected with Christmas Cards...we both ended up quilters!  I am grateful to Terri because she is who I learned my love of "the dog."  Her family had "Barney" who licked the dishes clean and always had a smile.  It seemed natural to her that when we moved from the dorm to our first apartment we'd get a dog.  "Beau" ...I loved Beau but, my family does not get dogs...don't understand dogs...neither my mother or sister have ever even owned a fish (unless is was on a dinner plate)!  When I graduated, Beau stayed with Terri and every time he saw me he pee'd on my shoes! Ahhh good memories!

Yesterday was the August birthday potluck with the Material Girls and I actually was off a Monday where I could attend!  Those girls are talented and so here are just a handful of slides on what they have been up too!

Today is the BJ's Quilt Basket Open House and Woolies at QuiltWorks!  I am lucky enough to have had a couple of days off because I worked the weekend.  So, I am going to jump on Phoebe??? I mean Patty and hit the open road!

Don't forget the The GIVE AWAY sponsored by the Sitchin' Post of Sisters, Oregon!

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  1. Hi Anna!

    My two best friends and I are known as Neopolitan (we have the corresponding hair colors). Vanilla and I have been best friends since the first day of first grade. At first, I didn't like Chocolate at all (Vanilla brought her into the group when we were in jr. high, and I was extremely jealous). Now, I see Chocolate once a week, and we all love each other. Our friendship survived living in different countries, going to and graduating from different colleges, and tons of other bumps and bruises that comes with life. I know that our friendship will last forever :) I feel so blessed.

  2. That's what I am talkin' about...girlfriends so long that you have a cute name! I am blessed with all my quilting friends...but there is something different about someone who has been their for your first date, the drama...I don't know. This past weekend I visited one of my son's childhood friends, he and his wife had their first baby and my son was jealous that I got to see the baby before him! lol childhood friendships are amazing...

  3. Because I've moved a number of times great distances, I don't have any childhood friends that I've stayed in touch with. I always feel slightly wistful when I hear about others having one. Many of my friends I've known 25-35 years, but we don't live in the same state any more. Probably my closest friend is someone that I've never met in person. We have corresponded through email since late 1994...usually daily, and sometimes several times a day! I have other online friends that I've known and stay in contact with pretty much daily for several years now. I've made some local friends, of course, but most of them are new since we've only lived here a few years.

    While I wish that I'd had a childhood friend that was still a current friend, I've had most of my friends for so long that we know too much about each other NOT to be friends!! lol Seriously though....they are as dear to me as if they'd been my friends since I was a little girl. I treasure each and every one of them.

  4. OMG! You so have me laughing today. I had forgotten that Beau always pee'd on your shoes! LOL However, we must not forget about Perito, the schizo parakeet. Anna trained him to bash his head against the mirror until she gave him a treat. Too many behavior mod classes in college!

    Besides Anna I have 3 long time girlfriends. One I have known since we were 8, and in 2005 I sprinkled the magic quilting dust on her. She is now quite an accomplished quilter. My other 2 friends are from high school and I rarely see them in person. I do stay in touch via Facebook though. One of them is a novice quilter.

  5. You are so right Corney...our transitory life style makes it more difficult to maintain and nurture those friendships. Like you my quilting friends are my support system and many a shoulder has held my weeping heart.

  6. ROFLOL! Terri I totally forgot about Perito! The bird from H -E -double hockey sticks!!! When I read your post to my woolies group they thought I was awful...I said that BIRD drew blood...but I did get an "A" for that project! And he lived a full life in which he bite me several times! What goes around comes around.

    Wow. from 8 years of age...I love those stories.

  7. Facebook has been a great tool connecting me and people that I have known for years, one is a best friend from 6th grade.

  8. I have a Facebook but only use it for the cousins...I love only having 13 friends! lol I wouldn't be able to find any childhood friend...as I can't remember their last names!