Thursday, August 4, 2011

Deschutes County Fair 2011

The Deschutes County Fair 2011 was a blast!!!  We arrived around 1030 and left at around 4:00 and the temperature said 99 degrees!!!  I saw several people walking around who I am sure are going to be hurting today!  The day was spent with my grandson, his cousin, Robin and her grandson.  We traveled through every animal barn, rode the rides, ate the fair food, played games, had more fair food, looked at the quilts and crafts and finally rode more rides!  A full day!  I put a slide show up of some of the quilts.  This next week and a half will be filled with quilts.  Friday evening is the quilt show at the QuiltWorks Gallery, Saturday is the Sunriver Quilt Show and the following Saturday is the Mt. Bachelor Quilt Show!!!  What a wonderful August!  Life is quiet this morning as my grandson has moved on to his aunts house to play with his cousins and now it is scooter time!!!

I'm in the third row...second seat...NOT!

Clay, getting a better view!

Byron and Faith, cooling off with snowcones!

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  1. Sweet! Love the chicken and the goat and all the quilts in between! What a fun day!

  2. Yes the Chickens, goats, cows and sheep were great...the pigs were scarey! lol It was wonderful to view the quilts in an airconditioned building!