Sunday, August 7, 2011

BJ's BOM August!

Wow, I realized this morning that there are 146 followers signed up...I had better figure out a sweet Give Away for the 150 goal!

We have been in a beautiful bubble of wonderful weather here in Central Oregon.  It makes it hard to do anything sewing let alone cleaning.  Yesterday morning I hit the open road on my scooter (still trying to decide on a name for her).  I don't know if it is my 1000 watt smile but people are smiling, waving and cheering as I drive by.  I had my monthly BJ's Quilt Basket Block of the Month gathering and had a nice ride across town.  After the meeting I rode to Robin's house and she drove us to Sunriver for their Outdoor Quilt Show which I will show tomorrow.

HH and I had intended to go downtown to the Cruisin' which is a fun street parade, party, dance and fair of vintage cars but, we got an invitation to my DIL's families house for a BBQ.  Couldn't pass that up and the evening was wonderful, sitting out on the deck, catching up on news, hanging with the grandkids... Perfect summer evening!

Before we left our house we had a few visitors!

Enzo was fascinated by those weird dogs...that kinda look like him...there were 3 fawns

The step we had to complete for this months BOM was 46 courthouse steps!!!!

here is a little slideshow of the morning...tomorrow the Sunriver Quilt Show!!!

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  1. lovely photos as always.

    How about Quilt Traveller or "QT" for your scooter?

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  2. I think you should call her Peppermint Patty. She is after all pink!

  3. I am not even fond of chickens but I love the colors in the one that you showed...great pics

  4. does have that reality TV sound to it...who knows I may be the next star of the history or discovery channel!

  5. Hummm Peppermint Patty...sound yummy and my grandson has a rat named Charlie...hummmm I am getting interesting suggestion both here and by email...I may have to incorporate it into the Give Away! lol

    PS. I am going to be sending you a photo on Tues of my orchid...I need help.

  6. Ann, I like chickens and so I was very tempted to take a class but...really with two BOMs, 3 BOWs, and probably at least 50 UFO's WIP's and I need to add the chickens. Besides Robin bought the pattern!!!