Friday, July 15, 2011

Volunteers: The Wind Beneath Our Wings

This morning I woke up to that glowing feeling...reminiscing about last night.  You remember that feeling, the morning after "The Prom" or reliving that "First Kiss!"  You just want to play it over and over again in your mind...well, I am lucky because I made a slide show!  Can you imagine a slide show of your first kiss!!! ROFLOL  The amazing thing about the Volunteers Appreciation Event was the number of people who attended.  The deck at Black Butte Ranch was packed, over 100 volunteers attended on a Thursday evening and that was only a fraction of the volunteers...which made me many volunteers does it take to pull off an event like the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show?  Ann, the executive director of the show said it takes over 500 volunteers!!! to put the show on...and being a nonprofit organization, the price tag is $150,000 to bring this Free Show to the public.  On their site you can find out how to become a Friend of the Show so that this will continue for years to come.  The amazing thing is that the Volunteers are not all local but come from all corners of the globe!  Each year Ann needs more and more if you live in the neighborhood think about giving back time to the show and if you are from out of town, plan a volunteer vacation!

Enjoy the slide show the quilts are by the Black Butte Ranch Quilters!...and, I have already lined up some interviews and future sewing room/studios for the next couple of months!
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