Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer School...or...Detention?

I had a "Come to Jesus" moment yesterday morning!  I am drowning in my projects...I mean...blub, blub, blub...Then I got an email from Marie, a Woolie follower from Dallas, Oregon inquiring about how I am keeping up on my BOW's.  I already was formulating a whinny blog about the stuff I am drowning under and with Marie's email I really had to look at my quilting behavior!  Marie told me she had received block #5...I hadn't because I had refused to go to the mail box for the last 3 days!  But, with her inquiry...I headed down and there it was...block #5.  Not just the wool block #5 but also my Summer Stars Week 5!  I realized that I had to put myself into Summer School or detention, which ever would work! I am not allowing myself to stitch one stitch of my black work.  I can only work on my BOM's and BOW's until I am caught up...except for my wool 4th of July project.

This is how far I have stitched on the blackwork.
These 2 blocks are filled with love and, are helping me feel better about my Civil War BOW.  My friend Irene who is also deep into the project and is making 2 of them knew how far behind I have felt with being at mom's and made 2 blocks for me!  Now that is "girlfriend love" and I know life wouldn't be as sweet without my girlfriend.
3 BOW's ...but now I have block 4&5 to prep and start!
My Summer Stars BOW...should have 25 of these little stars done! Yikes
The Freebie blocks that come with my BOW's.  Should have 5 of these done!
Here are Blocks 4 & 5....whaaaaa
I needed some time management help so I went to Staples and bought myself this awesome new stapler so I could staple my 4th of July wool project which made it easier to hold the layers together and keep the little tongues in place!  Worked Awesome! 
See how I stapled the back, tongues and front together...that way stitching was easier!  I think it will be hanging up by the 4th!!!

Tomorrow I'll have a special slide show from QuiltWorks.  Some truly amazing quilts in the gallery, new samples for the quilt show and I got to meet a Woolie follower who came to town for a visit!  Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful stitching! on all of them.
    And yes, that was definitely love in blocks from your friend. Happy 4th!

  2. Ohhh you may be drowning, but what a way to go!!!

  3. Thank you so much Loris! I am making a little head way on the projects but hey life is moving at the pace we want ti too...right?! Have a wonderful 4th!

  4. Colleen, you are sooooo right! My projects are "killing me softly with their love..." OK, I am now officially losing it cause I hear music! LOL

  5. You can do it Anna. Slow and steady. Don't try to get them all done in a short amount of time. They all look great and love the blocks by Irene. Great friend. Talk to you and have a great 4th.

  6. Slow down-- so what if you are behind... enjoy the process.. time will come and go. Don't take the fun out of it... enjoy each stitch-- even if it takes you a little longer. You do beautiful work...

  7. Sandy you are such a great motivator! Just looking at the slide show of your Featured Quilter show gives me inspiration. I was telling Greg this evening that the best part of this blog is the encouragement and WOW factor which my fellow quilters give! have a wonderful 4th! I got my wool 4th of July project done, it will be on tomorrows blog.

  8. Melanie, I need to hear that over and over again! will you tell me that each week...slow down! Rushing does take the fun out of it and I do think the work suffers...kinda like wool juju gone bad! LOL

  9. It's hard to be behind. I'm still on Block 1 of the Penny Garden BOW although I have finished all five of the freebies that come with the BOW. They've been easy to carry in my "busy bag" that I've taken while sitting with my husband in the hospital for two weeks after he had emergency surgery. Life is coming back to sort of normal, but I know I'll never get caught up and will just have to stitch along as time allows. Hope you can relax and enjoy the process. That's my mantra and I'm stickin' to it!! We're going to have beautiful quilts when we're done.

    Always remember the old saying: Give me fabric or give me death".

  10. oooh Synthia...I know about sitting in hospitals waiting. I hope you and your husband get back to normal fast! I am amazed how wonderful normal feels. We all want fantastic but when life goes to "h e double hocky sticks" normal is what we want. You are right, we will have beautiful quilts when we are done! I say...Give me Fabric!!!