Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer School...or...Detention?

I had a "Come to Jesus" moment yesterday morning!  I am drowning in my projects...I mean...blub, blub, blub...Then I got an email from Marie, a Woolie follower from Dallas, Oregon inquiring about how I am keeping up on my BOW's.  I already was formulating a whinny blog about the stuff I am drowning under and with Marie's email I really had to look at my quilting behavior!  Marie told me she had received block #5...I hadn't because I had refused to go to the mail box for the last 3 days!  But, with her inquiry...I headed down and there it was...block #5.  Not just the wool block #5 but also my Summer Stars Week 5!  I realized that I had to put myself into Summer School or detention, which ever would work! I am not allowing myself to stitch one stitch of my black work.  I can only work on my BOM's and BOW's until I am caught up...except for my wool 4th of July project.

This is how far I have stitched on the blackwork.
These 2 blocks are filled with love and, are helping me feel better about my Civil War BOW.  My friend Irene who is also deep into the project and is making 2 of them knew how far behind I have felt with being at mom's and made 2 blocks for me!  Now that is "girlfriend love" and I know life wouldn't be as sweet without my girlfriend.
3 BOW's ...but now I have block 4&5 to prep and start!
My Summer Stars BOW...should have 25 of these little stars done! Yikes
The Freebie blocks that come with my BOW's.  Should have 5 of these done!
Here are Blocks 4 & 5....whaaaaa
I needed some time management help so I went to Staples and bought myself this awesome new stapler so I could staple my 4th of July wool project which made it easier to hold the layers together and keep the little tongues in place!  Worked Awesome! 
See how I stapled the back, tongues and front together...that way stitching was easier!  I think it will be hanging up by the 4th!!!

Tomorrow I'll have a special slide show from QuiltWorks.  Some truly amazing quilts in the gallery, new samples for the quilt show and I got to meet a Woolie follower who came to town for a visit!  Stay tuned!
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