Friday, July 1, 2011

Robin's Nest

Robin is my emergency contact.  It helps that we are both quilters.  When I first moved to Bend over 2 decades ago she was my first friend.  She taught me to cross stitch and be happy in the spot I landed.  Our children grew up together and our lives have intertwined in a way that is now, family.  We have laughed till we farted and cried till we hiccuped.  So, it is amazing that as quilters she loves batiks...and not.  Robin has always and I mean, always been about heart and home.  Any spare moment she is digging in the dirt or painting a wall.  She is the "honey do" with a pink hammer.  Her home reflects all that she loves, nature, plants, animals, quilts, old bottles and things that make you smile.  One of my old dogs is buried in her backyard and Enzo is sure Brim is his bestie.  So it seemed natural that while the Fabric Stalkers were meeting at her house that I would show you what her quilt room is like and what she has created.  As with her giving heart/soul she has given away more quilts than she has kept.  What really cracks me up...and, it isn't just her...but, all quilters I approach to photograph their quilt room...they want to clean it up and make it look if nothing is happening in there!  It's a creative space...not a showcase!  To know her is to love her...enjoy the slide show!

oh...and a PS. Linda of G Wiz Creative Services has sent a "quilter's heads up!"  "Just want to let you know that this weekend (Friday through Sunday) anything and everything is an extra 15% off at Hancocks, both sale and regular priced merchandise. So, if there's anything you or your fellow woolies need (or want), this would be a good time to save some money.'  Thanks this economy we need all the insider info we can get!
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