Monday, July 11, 2011

Material Obsession: are they talking about me or YOU!

Before I start my blog today I apologize for the follower widget not working.  It has been offline for a couple of days and they are working on the meantime if you are wanting to join the Woolie just hang in there the Geeks of blogland are working!

Eileen, a Woolie follower asked to see the purchases.  No one around here in their right mind would think about shopping at the Stitchin Post on Quilt Show Day.  It is insane and you as quilting ambassadors have to allow all the out of townies to have their crazy shopping day. We do however checked it all out during the Quilter's Affair Week.  The shops have all decked out their shops, added new inventory and samples. I was doing OK in the shopping category until I took Kathy Doughty's lecture Material Obsession.  I don't know...I LOST IT!  I needed the book...which I love! Especially when I saw the quilt on the cover!  It reminded me of Sweet P's quilt which I loved because I like how hers is set with sweetly dramatic...kinda like me! LOL and then...all I could see was spots...and it wasn't my vertigo!  I bought dots...and more dots...and even more dots!

This book is fun to own, one of those that will make you smile on a rainy day!
I am going to make a mini redition of this quilt since on one of my trips to California I bought a mini dresden plate template.  I have been moving towards the tradition in my quilting (someday I will have to show you my X-File quit) I used to be about the unusual. the last 6 months I have been consumed by hand work.  Life is not a race for me I know the end is out there so in my own way I am trying to slow it down! LOL
I think my shopping buddy Lori is going to make this star quilt.  We actually saw the "real deal" at the lecture and it was beautiful!
Here is one of my Quilt Day stories.  Linda coordinator of the Hong Kong Textile Tour (you can click on the link to get more info, her husband is Hancock Fabric Manager) girlfriend was wear this extraordinary necklace!  She is the second person I saw this week wearing the necklace.  When I was overcome with the need to own this necklace and purchased one in Portland this past SpringI was given a rash of crap from my besties!!!  What was I thinking...oh yeah, like you're going to wear that in public...yada, yada, yada...Well lookie now, I own what is soon to be one of the most sought after embellishments for a quilter!
Enjoy your Monday I am off to work and will be enjoying mine!


  1. Aren't you proud that you are on the "cutting edge" for quilter embellishments?

  2. I am afterall all about the embellishments! NOT! I am a jeans and tee shirt kinds gal but I do think that necklace will dress up any outfit!