Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday I got to spend some time with girlfriends.  Lunch, chatting and a little stitching.  There is nothing sweeter.  I grab every opportunity because this summer has proved to be a scheduling nightmare.  I don't believe I have been able to attend any of the Material Girl Gatherings because my work/family schedule has had some changes.  But, then again in the Fall the schedule will change again. 

I have been pondering whether to join a guild.  There are 3 that are in fairly close proximity to me but they all have a different culture.  One is a daytime guild and the other 2 are evening guilds.  If you have been following the Woolie for more than a week you know that time is a hot commodity in my life!  To add another activity...even if it is quilt related...takes careful consideration on my part.  What do you think?  Do you belong to a guild?  What is the structure?  Do you enjoy the meetings?  Do they have inspiring speakers and classes?  Do tell...I need to know before I decide to even take the plunge.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the things my girlfriends are working on!
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  1. Anna I do belong to a guild, one that generally has between 60 and 70 members (out of 120) in attendance in the evening. I love the guild, there are great programs and speakers, and the fellowship with kindred spirits is awesome, but it meets in the evening and is a 40 minute drive for me so I am switching to a day guild, same distance. The day guild will be smaller and won't have programs but will have workshops, classes, tutorials done by members. It's new...we're designing it as we go. :) But it will not be "organized" with a constitution and officers and I think I will like that. It will be more like a sewing bee I think. I also belong to a small group of 8 who meet during the day once a month and that is my favorite. We inspire each other and learn from each other. Visit each one - that would be my recommendation. Then decide which one meets your needs. blessings, marlene

  2. I agree with StitchinByTheLake...You should attend the guilds before you join. They probably have different things to offer.

  3. Most guilds in my area let you come to one meeting free and then ask you to join.

    I used to only be able to go to an evening meeting and found that they were a very progressive group, often younger and wanting to play. They day people were older a bit more traditional.

    My one guild has both day and evening meetings and when we have a big speaker, we try and book different lectures for more bang for our buck. It has about 300 members between the two groups. I've started just going to the day meetings as I can book 10 earned days off a year and we have 10 meetings! Otherwise I was not getting home until 10 and very tired after working all day.

    My second guild is smaller, 90 members and is more traditional. We often have members doing program. I enjoy the group of people, but don't find them to be as adventuresome in their designing.

    I used to go to a third guild in the evening and they were very art quilt focused and I'm thinking of joining them again in the fall.

    Go and scope out the local guilds and choose a great one!

  4. marlene you have given me great food for thought! It would be wonderful to design...just the guild you wanted!

  5. Synthia, I never thought to just attend a meeting and check it out. I know people in all 3 guilds and would hate for them to feel slighted but then again no every group fills all the needs!

  6. Sandi, I supposed it would make sense that an evening guild would be a somewhat younger crowd...still working. I on the other hand would always need to ride with someone due to night blindness on one eye...and since I get up at 0400 I go to bed early...I know, boring! lol lots of food for thought...but I like the idea you all have given about attending and seeing how it feels.

  7. I belong to the american sewing guild and while I am not very good at making most of the meetings, they are always welcoming when I can..a very good group of freindly ladies and seem to always have lots of things going on, I too am a very busy person and can't make the most of the guild but I do know that if I get the chance they will all be there welcoming me threw the door.

  8. Ann, I appreciated your input on this subject. I have to give up my "all or nothing" brain! Why can't I belong to a guild but not make every meeting? I seem to have the thought that if I can't be an "active" member then I shouldn't be a member at all...but maybe that is not true and during this time in my life I am still counting my minutes! LOL

  9. Hi Anna. I don't think you should join a guild. I mean this seriously when I say you are a guild within yourself. :) Look at the wonderful, creative friends you have now and I can see your heart still has room for more! I like the idea of "visiting" each guild, then really think if you want to add something else to your plate? It's OK if you don't join a guild -- your circle of friendship groups are your guild. How precious they are too -- wouldn't you rather spend more time with them than go to a guild meeting? Sit at savor what you have now and know that it is enough. Love you! And I am thankful you have room in your heart for me. :)

  10. Hummm Julie, you have given me some compelling reasons. I do have the most wonderful girlfriends in the world and I would love to spend more time with them but life seems to be complicated for the "friends" and we now have a hard time getting together. The one thing you can depend on is change...I just am not sure what that means. My heart always will have a space for you!