Monday, July 25, 2011

Freebie:don't forget...oh, and Welcome to Bend

Remember to check out the Freebie by The Quilt Shack by logging on to the link and follow the directions...cause someone is going to own a nice pack of just released fabrics called Farm Fresh!  I don't know about you but I am seeing the prices climb in the fabric world so anytime I can actually win some is sweet!
Here is my latest wool project all prepped and ready for stitching.  I LOVE it!  The pattern is in that great book called Summer Gatherings by Lisa Bongean & Carole Charles.  There are at least 5 or more projects in that book that I am driven to create!  Once completed I am going to hang it outside my front door.

OK, what gives???!!!  This is Block 6 of my Flower Penny Garden Block of the Week!!!  Do you get is a BLOCK OF THE WEEK!  No BOW should have a block that has 91...NINE ONE...pieces in it! That is going to be a lot of stitching. I think Lisa is trying to kill me.

It's pretty though...huh?...sigh...what's a girl to do when she loves wool...

Now a little slide show of what was happening in Bend this past weekend...never a dull moment.  If you live here, this is a reminder of how wonderful it is...if you don't, wish you could be here!
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  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a great summer day! And your blocks look beautiful! Nice work and you are right..91 is alot!

  2. Bend's a wonderful place, but there's no place like home, eh?

  3. Oh Loris, I am glad to hear you agree...when I was cutting them out...I was starting to feel sorry for myself! LOL

  4. Synthia, isn't it the truth...where ever home is...that is where we are the happiest!

  5. Anna, what a wonderful job you did on Lisa's design! Love her designs, but they are usually quite complicated. And you're BOW is amazing. Is that a Lisa pattern too? Having met her, I can attest to the fact that she does stitch really quickly! Have a great week. ~Roberta

  6. Thank you Roberta! The BOW is in fact a Lisa design. I wish I could meet tell her 91 pieces is insane for a BOW! LOL Alas I love her stuff and am totally addicted...and I absolutely love the blocks! I will have a great week and I wish the same for you!