Sunday, July 31, 2011

Born To Be Wild

Ok, there is a real issue here! I am having a BLAST!!!  with my new scooter...meaning no sewing getting done! Nor dishes or mail...I did force myself to sit down in front of the computer and pay bills.  Enzo is looking at me like I am a total loser. This week will force me to regain some balance as my grandson will be with me for part of the week.  Today we head up the Santium to meet my sweet/funny DIL to get my grandson.  Since the scooter does not allow for 2 riders it will be a "NO Scooter" hoo.

I guess realizing who my father was..."I was Born To Be Wild."  I remember at the age of 6 riding on the back of my dad's chopper, no helmet, hanging on to him with one hand for dear life and holding a quart of ice cream with the was he a bad boy!

After my second scooter trip downtown (I swear I did not know the library didn't open till 1200 on Sat.) I met Robin for lunch at one of my favorite places, Jackson Corner. I was sharing that, since getting the scooter I have zero desire to's the open road for me, baby!  But I was reminded of 2 impending deadlines.  BJ's "Free" BOM (40+ courthouse step blocks) and The Flippin Bird Challenge.  I just couldn't face all those courthouse step block in 30's would take more to pull me back from the open road!  So, the Flippin Bird Challenge it was!  I know I shouldn't give you a peek but there is only one of the Fabric Stalkers that reads the blog and it isn't her quilt I am working keep quiet Irene!  Besides, lately we're lucky if the Fabric Stalkers can even get together let alone be in the same city and state at the same time!

This month I have Jane's quilt.  The box was filled with all these grids of 2 in squares and big blocks.  Originally left over from a Kaffe class she took called Grid Lock.   Languishing in her sewing room until she decided to make it a Flippin Bird Challenge!  I am the 3rd person to receive the box.  It looks like we have all been ripping or cutting apart those original blocks as you can see below...I am loving it!!!  The outer row of 2 inch square borders with the 4 stars in the corner is my contribution to the quilt...I wonder what the next person will do. It was starting to look like a pretty blue and green quilt so I decided to punch it up with some of the orange and pink squares!  In this challenge as the months go by it gets harder and harder because so many decisions/choices have already been made and to come up with something original...well it is a flippin' challenge! 
Anyhoo, at least the pull of the open road wasn't so much that I couldn't complete one project...although I fell into bed last night...all that fun and fresh air!
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