Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Look In The Mirror

One thing about coming "home" is that you not only get to see family but you can get a glimpse in the mirror.  It is that mirror that sometimes gives you a fresh view of yourself or a scary view of what you could be.  It is a look at your history and your future all wrapped up into a neat package.  As I look down the canyon I soak in the beauty and yet there is truly nothing as beautiful as my own home.  As I click the heels of my tennis shoes and say...there is no place like home...I am talking about my home, sewing room and river trail.  I want to touch my stash!  all the neatly folded piles!

Checking out the quilts in my mom's home really is a glimpse into my early days of quilting.  These kimono girls were one of my favorites because the fabric was printed with a stack of playing cards that are from a Korean card game I used to play when I was a kid!
The quilt below was a class that we took at an out of town quilt shop...which now escapes me.  It was fun and for the life of me I kept cutting off my points...but the quilt is effective.
Ernie who is my mother's friend is a sailor just like her and for his 80th birthday I made this sailboat quilt... perfect pattern for this 'ol sailor.
I made this wall hanging for my mom...she has always enjoyed the ocean.
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