Monday, June 6, 2011

Girlfriend, Ragazza, Amie, Подруга

The word "girlfriend" translates in every language.  The world knows how important girlfriends are because you can translate it into any language!  Girlfriends are fun...but, you really know how important they are when you need support and they have your back.  A person is lucky if they have one woman to call girlfriend, if you have a handful you are blessed and if you have a blog full, it is a miracle.  A true girlfriend is one who you can give your secrets, pain and anxiety too and they still want to be your girlfriend!  Yesterday, my Civil War girlfriends arrived and we set to our task of mostly talking, getting hugs, talking and some block making.  Irene read a excerpt from a book by Barbara Brackman on Women and the Civil War that her sister Julie picked up at a Guild meeting sale down in Calif.  What a great find and yesterdays story was a hoot!  Women are amazing!  I finished 3 blocks (bottom row) and although the Barbara Brackman Civil War Block of the Week site is on block 23!!!  our little regiment is making some headway and we figure by our Sept. retreat we will be caught up!

Remember yesterday I told you about my 2 Primitive Gathering Block of the Week...I think I was insane!  I think that...with all the changes of the year, mainly that my youngest really is grown up, engaged and moving to Illinois I have over extended my quilt life to keep me so busy and stressed that I won't think about it!  Instead...I have now entered the crazy side of quilting!  With mom's hospitalization and the potential for my life taking a back seat I feel overwhelmed with what I have bit off in my quilting life. (oh by the way, I talked to her this morning and she had a good night sleep and thus is feeling chipper)  Girlfriends to the rescue!  I had agreed to make 4 wool blocks for a quilt that a local quilt shop is making a kit out way can I get those fact I totally forgot about them until I received an email offer from girlfriend Marilyn that she and a couple of others would make those blocks for me...I cried with relief!  I am now in the mode of  "I can only work on my own stuff cause I am drowning in my own stuff!"  So I got up at 4 AM and made a 4 1/2 block from the Primitive Gatherings BOW Summer Stars.  I will be getting 5 of these blocks to make every week...I don't know, there is something about a tiny block that feels like you can be in control...of something!
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