Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garden Fairy

I am heading off to work this morning but yesterday,  it happened.  I finally had to take my "quilt hat" off and put on my "garden fairy hat!"  I am working on my BOW but only in small spurts. Although landscapers take care of the grass in the front of my house they do not take care of any of the flower beds nor anything in the back.  I have a no yard in the back but a substantial slope that I terraced with lava rocks dug out from the hill to make plants and tree beds last year.  The little hill side is covered in trees and I had a ton of pine needles and pine cones to pick up.  It was so much fun discovering what plants survived our difficult winter and are now struggling to poke their new growth towards the sun.  It is interesting that the back has an entirely different climate than the front.  The back is just beginning to morph but the front is already blooming.  Here are some of the plants from the front.  Not much of a "in the know" gardener I am not sure what some of these are called.

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