Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catch Me If You Can!

I have been playing catch up since arriving home.  I totally forgot that I bought 2 flats of flowers for the deck pots before I booked out of here to mom's.  Although bone dry and slightly wilted I got them in the dirt.  The terraced rock pile behind our house is in desperate need of weeding and HH hung the bird house I bought a month ago...maybe a little too late for a tenant to move in...but, it feels good to have all these tasks because they are "hearth and home" jobs and, there is nothing better than digging in your own dirt.  I have to be even more efficient since I will be in and out of my life for a while.  Upon arriving home there were 3 packages!!!  Now I am totally amazed that the postal service realizes that anything coming to a quilter is Priority!  Priority Mail...makes me feel important, even if it is in my own brain.

That's right, my BOW from Primitive Gatherings!  It is a summer program only but how in the heck did I think I am going to be able to keep up with a BOW...woof, woof...who let the dogs out....
I had been waiting for 2 months for the release of  "Which Witch's Boot" an embroidery project by Crabapple Hill and ordered it as soon as it was released.  When my envelope arrived they had sent the wrong pattern, "Pumpkin Time"!!!  Called them up, they apologized and said they were sending the correct order out today...and I could keep the mistake!  Wow, great company Crabapple Hill!
I also received this pattern from Bird Brain designs, "Home Sweet Home"  I must have had a premonition that I would be longing for home!

Yesterday morning was the monthly BOM at BJ's and so I took some photos of the shop.  Today is my monthly Civil War group...can't wait, not only to be able to sew...but mostly to be with my besties!
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