Monday, June 20, 2011

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon or Meet Jeanne Mills

I live a charmed life...I really do!  In the little town of Pacific Grove I met Jeanne Mills and she invited me to view her home and talk about her yearly textile tour to France!!!! Parlez-vous français?  Oh yeah, by next year I am going to be fluent enough in French to say, "combien est ce tissu un chantier?" or, for those who don't speak much is that fabric a yard????  I am going to start putting away some money each month in anticipation of tour in Sept. 2012.  Jeanne is heading over this September to scope out the quilt show and to see about transportation/lodging.  She lived and owned a home in the French countryside.  Which makes her very confortable with the country and its residents. To help you dream and practice, check out this years info on the quilt show, the link Carrefout Europeen du Patchwork

Now you might ask why I used the title 6 "Degrees of Kevin Bacon or Meet Jeanne Mills?"  She has been a long time resident of Pacific Grove, is a former quilt shop owner (1978-1982 Wild Goose Chase), founding member,3 time and current President of the Monterey Quilt Guild, and frequent assistant and hostess to quilt instructors for the Empty Spools Seminars If there is a "big" name in the quilt world she has met them, taken a class from them, been a host home or owns one or more of their quilts!

I know, I know you want to stop reading and get on to the slide show...but here is a list of websites that you might want to bookmark and check out!  I am planning this for next year!!!

All I can say is Jeanne was so gracious (I had French brewed tea!) and she is energizing! You are going to enjoy this slide show...and maybe you can put a tour on your quilting bucket list!

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  1. Boy Anna you hit the jackpot there. Sounds like a very interesting person. Her house looks so cute!
    Good for you. Hope Mom is still getting better.

  2. Oh Sandy...Miss everyone at home...but the diversion of all these wonderful quilters is keeping me moving forward. I can't wait to share more details on my return.

  3. My daughter Emily is on a plane right now, heading to Paris and France for 2 weeks. I hope she knows that phrase to buy me a yard of fabric

  4. ohhh that's right...Emily is the world traveler this year. Well just to give you a heads up for when we go to France tour guide emailed me that in fact the phrase "combien est ce tissu un chantier?" translates to , “how much is this fabric a building site/construction site?" I was laughing so hard I almost snorted my Greek yogurt. And, I was not only informed by Jeanne but a British quilter I met and will be featuring in a future blog that fabric is sold by the miter...not the yard, c'est dommage