Thursday, May 19, 2011

You've Got Mail!

After a very long day at work yesterday and knowing that I was going to be facing another one today, it was such a sweet surprise to see a big envelope in the post. I don't know about you but I flip through my mail looking for those sweet envelopes and packages. I love getting mail!...the personal kind, not the coupons, the bills or the credit apps...but real mail!!! Sandy who is a Woolie from Long Island sent me a "fun" package. It was just what the doctor ordered! A cute tea towel, hand embroidered with the most perfect stitching. I have wanted to make one of these but was worried about how the stitching would look on the I immediately flipped it over! And, you know what...the back looks a perfect as the front. I think I am going to have to practice to achieve this level of embroidery. Also included was the sweetest panel with children stitching and it also had different stitches and instructions printed along side of it...Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Today, I head back to work with a lighter step!

Here is a close up of the panel. Isn't it sweet!
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