Friday, May 6, 2011

Wind Back In My Sails

A little Cinco de Mayo celebrating and an email from my future DIL with a "save the date" mock up created by her dad was all it took to bring me back out of the doldrums. When I got up this morning I started working on the inside pieced border of my Green Pieces BOM from Sew Many Quilts. Checked in at WW and then visited Diana the best massage therapist in Bend! When she asked me what I had planned for the rest of my day off, I told her sewing! She laughed and you're gonna undo everything I am doing here! Yep! I am gonna sew!

In working on the pieced inner border I was drawn back into my love of miniature quilts. There was a time I couldn't throw away any cut off corner because there was potential there for a miniature quilt. Miniature Quilt Magazine created 2 patterns from my featured quilts...ahhh...those were fun times when I could make a quilt, layer and quilt it all in a couple of hours! LOL I found myself starting to save the corners keep from drowning in corners I decided I would only save the corners from my own quilts. After making the blocks for my Green Pieces inner border I had enough left over to add to my "goose jelly" jar and to sew a whole set of half square triangles.

Tonight is First Friday at QuiltWorks and the Fabric Stalkers are the featured group quilts. Which means tomorrow will be a slide show!!! In the mean time enjoy the recipe for the margarita I chose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with!

Midori Margarita Drink Recipe

Serves 2-3 or double the recipe to serve 4-6.


6 ounces tequila
3 ounces Midori liqueur
5 ounces sweet and sour mix

Note: Those are the "standard" ingredients but I use half sweet and sour mix and half Rose's lime juice with a dash of sugar.


To serve Blended: Place all ingredients in a blender, toss in a cup of ice and blend for 30-40 seconds.

To serve on the rocks: Combine ingredients in a pitcher and pour over ice in a stemmed cocktail glass.
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