Monday, May 2, 2011

Valori Wells Designs

I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with Valori Wells in her creative space. It was in some ways a surreal experience because, when I started quilting she was still in high school. Sometimes, when I am with my sons I forget they are adults until something prompts me to put my brain on pause. And, so it was with Valori. Sure, I have seen her in the Stitchin Post and knew she was a co-owner. But, to see her in her own element...well, it was a eye opener! She is not only a photographer, designer, quilter, seamstress, knitter...but Ross's wife and mother to 3 children, Olivia, Violette & Teague. Hold the presses!!!! Time kept marching on but certain information in my brain hadn't caught up.

Having the opportunity to see a small glimpse of how the design is created and what it takes to reach me, in the quilt shop was staggering. I do not know how she does it! She and Ross have created a home which welcomes children and pets...and yet, is reflective of the adults who live there. Sure, I only had a "moment in time" peek but, their personalities seem to compliment each other. What I can tell you is, Valori is a true artist. Her brain is going to 20 different directions and will filter an idea into a product that quilters, seamstresses and home decor enthusiast love. Then she takes that product and creates items that are fun and beautiful. All the while, engaging her family. Ross said he sets up a little camping tent in the studio where he and the kids hang out and watch movies while Valori is creating. A modern family weaving a busy life and business together.

When I asked Valori what year her first line of fabric came out...1997!!! It blew me away! She has created over 20 lines of fabric! The designs were printed on batiks, flannel, fleece, cotton, cotton voile (I think this is going to be my new favorite type of fabric) and cotton linens. When she needs down time she silk screens. I love the new tees that are coming out and purchased one for my sister. They are available by contacting Valori at the short sleeve $22 and the long sleeve is $24. You can see some of the silk screening motifs in the slide show.

Enjoy the slide show and come May 13th I will post the slide of Wrenly's place which is her booth for Quilt Market.
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  1. Wow! She is an amazing artist. It's an inspiration to see her juggle so much. It makes me better about my crazy artist/work/mother/wife life.

  2. Wonderful collage of photos! Valori's studio and home looks like a place she can really flourish. She is doing beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. WOW!!!!!
    I am tired thinking about how Valori does it all.
    The fabric stash is to die for and I want a cute little wish bird.

  4. davis, I know what you mean. She told me that she wanted to clean up her studio before hand and I told her why...every one want to know that you are just like the rest of us...juggling, juggling, juggling!

  5. Loris, I can't tell you how nervous I was taking photos of a person who majored in Photography! Oh well...I think I caught the essence of the space and how she amazingly accomplishes it all!

  6. Eileen, I thought the little wish bird was such a wonderful gift for someone special...a little secret tucked inside for a day when you might want a boost. When I got home I sat down with a "gin & tonic" because I was so tired from taking in all tha she does!