Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilt Shrink

I think I have figured out what has been going on with me lately. I have projects coming out my ears...although I do complete a lot of quilting...I am adding more than I am completing. I have been blubbering more lately also. On the surface it would seem that I am grieving the launching of my youngest son. Next month He moving across the country, starting a new career and is engaged. But, it is not as simple as empty nest. In fact, I am very happy with his adventure and commitment! After talking with my FS (fabric stalkers) on Sunday I clearly recognized that it has more to do with the ending of one phase of my life and the beginning of another. Bottom line...I am getting older. Yes, I am still a mother...but, I am no longer a mommy. Which means HH and I were successful...the result is I have been packing my empty space with quilt projects. On Sunday when I admitted to my best shopping buddy that I had signed up for 2! yes, 2! "block of the weeks" Summer program with Primative Gatherings her expression made me realize I needed a "quilt shrink." And I need a "quilt shrink" with a nice couch and quilt to lie under...maybe, I had better start a new project called the therapy quilt to take with you when you see the quilt shrink??? In the mean time, here is a peek into my shopping buddy's quilt life and home.

Lori is one of those people who can do it all...she has tole painted, quilts and knits. At any retreat she may be knitting a sweater for a granddaughter or piecing a quilt for a niece or nephew. Recently, not much quilting has been going on and as you can see by her quilt room...it is spotless. A recent remodel of new paint, new carpet required everything to be pulled out...which led to reorganizing. Thus a spotless sewing room! As a quilter she loves it all and is game for any class that might look interesting...as a shopping partner...she is the best...as big a fabric sucker as I am. She lives in the most peaceful place and I know for a fact there are many places to hide more fabric! Which she did not reveal....I wonder if the barn has a fabric stash????

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  1. Hi Anna!
    I went through what you are going through 2 years ago! I felt 'good' that my girls had left, had successful careers and were now on their own...two moving across country to get their dream jobs and the third about 3 hours away...so why did the 'good' feeling feel so 'bad'? It wasn't empty nest...I liked having all the freedom and space...no big meals..etc...it was the 'getting old' part that I hated! How did that happen? It kind of sneaks up on you, doesn't it!! We are so busy that we don't notice how our bodies have changed or our energy levels have sagged (along with everything else)... It was shortly after this time that I started to blog...and it REALLY helped..hmmm you are already blogging so I can't say to start that! So I will say keep quilting...and blogging...maybe limit the number of new projects and make sure they reach completion. I am going to set the same goal for myself. (I am exactly the same way!!) It is fun to start something NEW but difficult for things to get finished...So hang in there! Apparently 'the best is yet to come!!'...well I'm waiting...and will let you know when it happens..on the other hand things could be worse...a lot worse!! So what am I complaining about?
    Take care!

  2. Wow! Beautiful and yes, very peaceful looking spot to stitch. Love the pond!

  3. Oh Paulette, you know exactly what I am talking about...or spending about! LOL. It did sneak up on me. I was truly shocked when the reality set in! I will be following in your path and know that life opens in a different way! Enjoying my projects and finishing them, that is the goal of 2011. Thank you for being here in blogland!

  4. I know Loris! Every so often she talks about moving into town and making like simpler...when I go out there I say...why in the world would you want to leave this little slice of heaven! Besides the place keeps her DH busy!