Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pins and Needles

This morning I am literally on pins and needles.  My mom has been suffering with a "rash" for 3 weeks.  The first doctor thought she had poison oak.  The second doctor in the ER told her she had chicken pox.  Then after a week it was back to the first doctor. He was shocked to see the little rash had now become huge blisters and said it is absolutely not chicken pox.  My 81 year old mother has seen more doctors this week than in her entire life...she still has all her own teeth and is healthy as a horse!  She is not "sick" no fever, has a good appetite...she is just covered with blisters and is itchy/miserable!  I have been playing Internet doctor with her for the last week...then this morning I get a call that she drove herself to the hospital at 3:00 this morning!  I am ready to jump into the car and go down and see what the beegeebees is going on...but my older sister said to sit tight.  She is going to talk to the doctor and tell me what is going the mean time I am sitting on pins and needles...soooo, I am sewing.  keep her in your thoughts and prayers...she is not a good patient.
I am not sure if I posted a photo of my latest completed framed Redwork...but here it is again...I can't stop looking at it!

Then since I decided I had to keep myself busy and from eating myself out of house and home because of stress I brought my lap top upstairs to my sewing room and have discovered the best thing...watching quilt shows while I hand stitch.  I subscribed to The Quilt Show, a month ago but have had little time to sit and actually watch an I have discovered my new favorite pass time while hand stitching.  Cup of coffee, rocking chair, Ricky Timms and Alex, sweet!

Enzo is worried about his grandma...he loves her feet.


  1. Oh! Sorry to hear about your mom! I hope they figure it out soon. Itching and irritated skin really can be miserable though I'm glad there's no fever, etc. Keep Enzo close and keep stitching. We'll hope you all get good news soon.
    PS Sweet redwork and dog face!

  2. Thanks Loris, after 9 hours of driving I am now 3/4 of the way down. Pit stop overnight at my sister's house. She is already down there at mom's it is quiet here. Brought my black work with it keeps my mind occupied.

  3. So I"m just catching up. Is your mom ok? It sounds awful. I absolutely love your redwork picture. What a beautiful piece.

  4. Poor mom who's 81st birthday was yesterday is still in the hospital! She has now been there 2 weeks and if all goes well will discharge next Tuesday to a nursing home for further recovery. Then if all goes well there she will be back on her feet being the "ruler of a small nation!" following a couple more weeks!