Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Ok, I have a mystery for all of you out in blog land. As I was cleaning my purse out I discovered this little item. HH asked me what it was and all I could tell him is that it was given to me by a very nice woman who was at Pioneer Quilts in Happy Valley. She said, "it was the greatest little quilt item." At the time she explained what it was for and how to use it but...what can I say...I am stumped! I don't know if she is ROFLOL at me right now and it was all a quilters hoax or I really need this thing and don't know why! So help me out before I throw it out! It is a soft spongy thing...looks like an ear plug and has a pin in it....I am beginning to feel real stupid right now....

Here is the pile of Fabric Stalker block quilts from 2005. They will be on display at the First Friday event in the QuiltWorks Gallery. I can't wait to show them to you. As I pressed the big creases out of them I was moved to tears and laughter at the girlfriends. We have driven each other crazy, had dramas in our lives, talked about each other...to each other, tried to solve all the issues facing one another, passed judgement, laughed till we pee'd our pants, forgiven and loved...the girlfriends are amazing.
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