Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Mystery Hour...or Days

Well the mystery continues...tomorrow they are going to do another biopsy to figure out why she looks like an extra from that old black and white Japanese horror movie, "The Attack of the Mushroom People."  She is in good spirits and is eating like a horse...she just can't do a thing for herself and is expected to be in the hospital for several more days.  There is a possibility that next week they may transfer her to Stanford (she always wanted someone in the family to go to Stanford).  I feel so sad for her because I come by my "do a 1000 things" gene from both my parents and I can't imagine what it must feel like to just lie in bed or sit in a chair not able to do a thing.  She can't hold a phone or read a book...and has never been much of a TV person. In the mean time if I am not sitting in the room with her I am trying to figure out her daily life and reorganize it...hummm  this is a good lesson in being ready for the unexpected!  My ability to access the blog on her computer is different and so I am not able to post responses to the comments...but I am able to email.  

While waiting around for one doctor after another...I have been stitching away on my black work.  It is kinda funny to see people reactions to it...like why are you stitching over the already drawn lines????  To keep me from going crazy!

The positive side is...it is sunny here...in fact I don't think they have had one snowflake in several years! and looking at all that is growing on my mom's property is wonderful, imagine growing orchids outside on your deck???!!!  I miss HH, Enzo and my sewing machine!

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