Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Money Class or How to Afford Fabric in Retirement?

While playing in my sewing room I listen to book on CD. This weeks book is "The Money Class" by Suzie Orman. Between Suzie and my girlfriend Martha Stewart I am trying to figure out how to save more money so I can retire and still buy ALL the fabric I need! So yesterday I got in one of my rants. I cleaned the whole downstairs...I just can't part with the money for a housekeeper and I am way to private to relax while someone else is cleaning my house. Also, I had just heard on Martha Stewart radio some of the ways to cut waste in your kitchen. That is how to decrease your grocery bill so you can increase you fabric bill. Well, to be truthful she wasn't helping you increase your fabric of those was to take all the veggies in the fridge that are just about to end up in the garbage because they are not so fresh, throw them in a pot and cook them until you have a base for soup or sauce. I threw in wrinkled grape tomatoes, limp celery, onion, dried up little carrots, garlic, a cup of water, salt, pepper and some dried basil. cooked until soft and them took a potato masher to the pot. Now in my freezer they are waiting for when I have a need! The object is nothing gets thrown away! Oh, you wonder what's with the eggs? I saved my dill pickle juice and put some peeled hard boiled eggs in the juice. Make great egg salad sandwiches! I feel like the domestic queen and I am sure both Suzie and Martha would be proud of me!

This is my latest "getter done" project. It is a wool project bag that my girlfriend Lori and I signed up for last year! All my pieces are done I now just have to put them all together, bind, embellish and I am ready to use it!!! When it's all done I'll show you all the little compartments. It really is a fun bag!

Pooped Enzo, too much he must sleep while I work on my bag!

You are not going to believe these next two photos!!!! I was given the name of a woman who lives in MN. who is an artist who does it all! I had seen these items at Phyllis's house who was a previous featured quilter/quilt room of the Woolie blog and wanted my own...real bad!
So, I emailed her and asked if she would create and sell me the same items!!!! They arrived in the mail yesterday and I am telling you....I am in awe of you Pam!!! They are so amazing. If you are interested in purchasing your own let me know and I will forward you request. The acorns were $2 a piece and the snow man was $30...and I am telling you...worth every penny! The work is incredible!

Yes those are real tops of acorns!

Mister Snow Man is so adorable and the detail is amazing!

It is finally happening...spring has arrived in Bend! I walked around my yard and took some photos. A group of golfers asked me what I was taking pictures of and I told them to check out what had survived the winter. The "girl" in the group got out of the golf cart and climbed the rocks to check it out with me! LOL


  1. I am so with you on the housekeeper. As much as I would love to have one, and I threaten to get one every week, I just cannot part with the money. I haven't read Suze's new book but I have read most of her other books and watch her show every week. I would hate to retire with fabric and eating dog food. LOL!

  2. During the week I see all the housekeepers showing up at my neighbors...and I dream...but years ago when I had my second child my mother hired one for me...I lasted 2 days. It drove me freakin crazy!!! Like you, I'd rather buy fabric! I listed to her latest book but now I have to go out and buy a hard copy...lots of detailed information.

    as for fabric and dog way, now fabric, cheese and bread with alittle olive oil, I could do!

  3. thats listened to her latest book not listed. lol

  4. I love Suzy O. She is so right-on with her advice. I laugh out loud during the section of her show when she yells "denied!" to someone with massive debt who wants to buy a $900 bottle of wine. I will never call her because I don't want to be told "denied" to any fabric related aspect of my life.

  5. Love that bag project. Saw it this weekend while at Sew Many Quilts but did not buy it. Just arrived home about 30 minutes ago...very happy that we got to stay two full days...and am very tired from shopping and not sleeping well. Hopefully I can get to Bend again...SOON.

  6. Can you imagine what Suzie would say if she saw our stashes!!!! That is why I am going to figure out how to retire and still be able to indulge in my fabric addiction! I wonder when her show is on...I may have to watch it once in a while! LOL

  7. Michelle, isn't the bag cute! Isn't shopping exhausting! LOL Hope you can come back and stimulate our economy!