Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo, Meo, Myo...

It has been one of those weeks that creeps up on you emotionally. Work has been a major challenge so being physically tired adds to my slip into melancholy. I am not sure why this year is different than any other year but, it has been 33 years since my dad passed away 2 days after his 49th birthday. The book I gave him for his birthday still sits on my mom's library wall, unread. And, so I have been a little mopey this week???? I have been disorganized and totally forgot that Mother's Day was Sunday until HH asked me what I wanted to do? He is so sweet about the holidays, any holiday which is one of the MANY things I cherish about him. Then yesterday sent me into a totally tizzy. I know this may not seem like a big deal but one of the things I love is celebrating Cinco De Mayo and I totally forgot about it until yesterday at work I realized that today I work until 6:30 way I am going to have dinner and drink a margarita toast to my dad at 7:00 PM. I wouldn't be able to sleep and Friday would be lost. Now some of you would think I am nuts...but last night at 7:00 PM when I got the call to show up to work at 5:30 AM I was doing the happy dance because it meant I got off at 4:00 PM and there was going to be celebrating in my life! Which finally brings me to a little quilting in today's blog...after all it is a blog about quilting...and occasionally cooking...and once in a while "just life" so or should I say sew...when I am feeling kinda blue the best thing for me is something quilty but something stretching the brain with one more choice...and that is where my Redwork comes in. One color, 2 types of stitching. Last night was spent watching NCIS (which I DVR) and making progress on my Redwork. Today I am ready to help someone have surgery and tonight...well, Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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