Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's A Wedding...oh, and Happy Easter!

Needless to say, I was exhausted when dropping into bed last night! It was a full day of input and none of it had to do with quilting...well that's not quite right. I spend over and hours at the Verizon store getting a Droid phone and one of the apps I had my older son download was a quilt calculator! I swear the process was almost as bad as buying a car. Because it took so long we just made it to the future wedding venue on time to meet the parents of the bride. They were lovely and we felt comfortable immediately.

The wedding will be at McMenamins Edgefield, 2012 The brides father is an artist in resident for McMenamins and the bride herself has worked at Edgefield in the past so there are lots of family memories intertwined with all of the McMenamins, especially Edgefield. It was a perfect day to take a tour since Portland had it's first 70 degree weather day. The grounds were starting to show their beauty and there was a wedding going on in one of the areas. The planning has taken on an early start since the bride was accepted to graduate school back east and will not be phsycially available for much of the decision making...but, in this day and age of high tech I am not sure that will be much of a problem.

We wrapped up the full day at McMenamins Blue Moon with our sons, DIL, future DIL and grandson...our very favorite person! Before our heads hit the pillow we were both snoring....

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  1. Anna, it is a great place to get my hh and I got married there 8 years ago in March! We were married in grand ball room...LOVED IT and I was just there last Saturday night doing some wine tasting! Glad everything went well...and oh yeah...welcome to the RAIN!!! Yesterday was beautiful!

  2. Congratulations!! What a gorgeous couple!! A perfect venue for a perfect wedding!

  3. Oh Michelle, then you will appreciate that as we were walking around our mouths were hanging opened because our son's future FIL did most of the paintings on the outside and inside of every building! Pretty much any design on labels, shirts, hats...all his. Amazing talent! What a lovely place to have said I do!...oh and as I understand it...we will be driving home in snow showers...blaaahhhh...Happy Easter!

  4. Thanks I'll have to start thinking about a wedding quilt????

  5. Thanks for making this slideshow! I posted it to my mom's facebook profile so everyone on my side can see it too!

  6. You both are such wonderful people I know together it will be an amazing life!

    Who knows maybe one of your relatives will become a Woolie follower! lol