Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Iron Horse

I spent my last day off (Tuesday) catching up on errands and in between doing some shopping. I started with the shopping because it is a lot more fun than errands! I had it in my mind that there was something at The Iron Horse that was calling my name. After all, I found that cool ladder and quilt hanger! I decided to head over there and give it a once over...just in case there was something with my name on it. After my trip to the Iron Horse I had to pick up some prescriptions at Costco and was lucky enough to meet a fellow Woolie in the parking lot! And, you know how we came to meet...she recognized Enzo from the blog and his head was hanging out the back window! WOW, Enzo is famous! So this photo is for you Loretta! Enzo sends his greetings!

Enjoy the slide show, you might find something you need!

Today I am off to Madras to see a couple of quilt rooms for your future enjoyment!

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  1. Wow! Fun stuff! Lovely purchase the spool. It looks great with the chicks! Happy Easter!

  2. Iron Horse -- I need to go there STAT!!! Thanks for the preview! I have just figured out how to read these comments -- saw your one to me from March 26, finally -- had to laugh that you want to visit my sewing room -- a disaster! Maybe I'll attempt my own Smilebox of it someday if it EVER looks like a bomb didn't just go off?? Keep the fun stories coming! :)

  3. Loris, I was at a fellow quilters house for a photo shoot and she had a lamp made out of one of those spools! People are so clever. I love my chicks! I used to have chickens but this neighborhood doesn't allow them...even if I dress them up and give them name! lol

  4. You're right Susan...STAT as in a quilt emergency!!! Would love to see your chaos!