Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Creative Quilt Storm, Day 3

Today was one of those day where I got up at 5:00 am, Robin had the coffee going and we started sewing. I was still in my PJ's until around 3:00 pm when I decided I needed a walk to stretch the legs and back out, finally taking a shower at 4:00 PM and putting my PJ's on again to continue my quilting marathon! Phew, it was a creative quilt storm for sure!

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  1. I just started a wool project yesterday...question for you hand applique them on your block or hand stitch them? It is very time consuming to hand applique them, but I was thinking that my purpose of this was to give myself something to do on lunch during work.


  2. Hi Michelle, not sure what the difference between hand applique vs. hand stitch...but here is what I do (I always take the easiest route) I trace my pattern on to Lite steam a seam 2 then fused that to the wool. cut out and fuse to my background. I like the blanket stitch the best but will also on stems do a running stitch. I use #8 pearl cotton thread. It is definately a take along project and so I never get impatient with waiting. Sounds like you'll have many stress reducing lunches ahead of you!