Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Button Hole 101

I told Margie, a Woolie follower that today I would put a slide show instruction on the blog about button hole making. Since I was making an apron for a friend of mine who turned 60 this past week I thought I could use it to demonstrate the correct construction of a button hole. As you will see in the slide is clear as mud. What I can tell you is that I was able to make a button hole all by myself with Robin's instructions. I would suggest that when you get every things set up, make a practice button hole. Since this second attempt I started at the wrong end and had to rip out a little and start over. Another good tip is to be very careful when you slit the opening of the button don't want to cut any thread and cause it to ravel! I have now officially made 4 button holes!!!! I feel like the Maxwell Smart of button hole making!

The pattern I used for the apron is one of my favorites to make. It looks great on everyone and can be found on Vanilla House Designs.

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  1. Wooopeeee! I'm off to dig out my buttonhole attachment!! I did not know about that little black thing. No wonder I had no luck!!! Will let you know if it works. LOL

  2. OK I spent 1 hour with my machine and the buttonhole attachment! This was NOT funny!! I had no little black thingy. Ended up getting out the instruction book and found out I had a little white gadget on the machine (not going to say how long I've had this machine) that dropped down. Then it took me several times reading instructions to figure out where it was suppose to go. Lesson learned******read instruction VERY CAREFULLY!! Thanks----now I know how!!

  3. Margie, You totally crack me up! A sister from another mother! Did you ever even notice the little white gadget? I've had my machine for several years and it was only last week I wondered what the black thingy was for??? ...and reading directions??? I usually walk on the wild side but after an hour I might have tried to find mine! I am not even sure where the instructions to my machine are? Thanks for the laugh! Anna...who is dead tired from work!