Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh boy, after getting up at 4:00 AM and spending a full 10 hours at work the thought of my Green Pieces BOM was daunting. But the idea of missing our last group meeting and picking up some ideas...well I just couldn't miss it! I arrived a few minutes early and look who I ran into! The Rib King! Andy, Jane's (Fabric Stalker) DH. He is now known as the The Rib King because of the fabulous racks of ribs he cooked for the Fabric Stalkers to enjoy on our recent retreat. Just so you can be green with envy...Andy was at Sew Many Quilts to pick up Jane's sewing machine that was in for a tune up! Yeah...the guy is a quilter's dream husband.

The BOM meeting was relaxing and the best part is that I was assisted in picking out a new border for my Green Pieces BOM. I knew that I couldn't live with the border provided (not a big floral person). Gayle of Sew Many Quilts has been plugging along with us and we all agreed that this was a fun BOM to work on...or should I say, play on...

I woke up this morning to falling snow and a white landscape! What happened to April Showers bring May Flowers. For us it seems April Snow brings May Schizo. I am off to work but it will be a short day...cause you know what I have to on the Material Girl Challenge, and challenge is the operative word!

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  1. I love your videos...I could watch them over and over and over...and I do...!!
    Keep them coming!

  2. Where were those pictures taken, as I want to go and buy some wool.

  3. Paulette, I am glad you are enjoying the videos...did you recognize the music??? I picked the theme from the Dick Van Dyke Show! It made me smile!

  4. Marie, They are at Sew Many Quilts. If you want to order some just click on the link on the left side of the blog for their link...or just visit them here in Bend. I love the purple and much beautiful little time!

  5. Uh, oh..I forgot to put the code in so my reply would show. I will be over there May 13th and 14th with a friend and will be in the shop. Do you work either of those two days? Maybe we can finally meet. I am also hoping to meet Anne too..I know that I will drive by her house and peek in the windows!


  6. I work the 13th but am off the 14th! I hope we can connect. Geez...I guess I'll have to shop at Sew Many Quilts....LOL If Anne is still standing after market maybe we can meet up together?! I am not sure if she will be in her new house or not but she is supposed to be out of the old house by May???Yikes! I would like an updated tour of the new place also! Keep me posted about your plans.

  7. Will do. Not sure what time we are leaving on Saturday but I know that Sew many is starting a new BOM that day which I am interested in. I keep checking in and no price yet. We are coming on Friday morning...staying at the Pine Ridge Inn....Anne goes to Market? What for? And yes, Anne, we need an update...I am thinking that you are very close to having the house done based on the pics you last posted...


  8. A New BOM??!! What is the name of it??? Gayle didn't say a word. Of course I swore I was not starting a new one until this one was done! But...who knows I may have the top dropped off to my favorite LA, Sandy by then...hummmm. Yes, the Anne twins go to market. Anne is besties with Anne Sutton of BunnyHill and makes all the samples for BunnyHill and helps in the booth at Quilt Market. Of course it is coming a the most stressful time, with the move and all. She missed the last Woolies Group because she was elbow deep in new samples!