Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know I am a little late today but, I finally had to succumb and go in to do my taxes, see the insurance guy and check out a tree that fell on a fence at a property my mom has...and of course, I have been on the search for a ladder to place in my family room so I can display some more of my quilts...and I found it! But that is for another blog! My days off work are never really days off as life seems to change for me moment to moment. My youngest son is now engaged!!!! HH and I have been so blessed with the women our sons have chosen to share their lives with. The scourge I suffered with yesterday is history and I will not longer be eating fruit out of season cut up in a nice plastic box! I have narrowed it down to that as the culprit. And, Enzo got to spend his first full day out on the back deck as the sun was out ALL day and not a snow flake in sight.

Marilyn at Quiltworks showed the Woolies the latest Chapeau pattern...that would be hat if you're not French. But Chapeau sounds so much more than hat. She swears the hat looks good on everyone and I may have to succumb and try to make one, although I have never been a clothes making kind of gal...but the hat sure is sweet. You can see on the slide show, enjoy and see ya back here tomorrow.

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