Friday, March 25, 2011


I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have reached Friday, with my sanity! I must have been that powerful moon but, work was CRAZY. Crazy as in personalities crazy! Seemed like most of the "powers that be" had their panties in a wad and you know what they say about #$%^ rolling downhill! Plop! I had to laugh because of some of the situations were absurd. Here we are, Friday...I have never enjoyed waking up so much. A wide open day, starting with Enzo heading to see Evie, his groomer. It is Spring after all and he is like a Velcro strip when we are on our walks. I also got a call from the framer that my Redwork Sampler was ready to pick up!!! I love it, and my friend Robin helped me get it on the wall right away. I am not the best embroiderer out there but what I can say, it is an amazing stress reliever. One thread color and Transfer-eze and you can sit and stitch with little prep or anxiety.

I really loved learning all the different stitches and my second project from Bird Brain Designs is moving right along.

Enzo is now freezing because he got a hair cut...and you know what started spitting snow again! OK, I am officially SICK of the cold. We are going to turn the heat up and head up to the quilt room. I know a lot of you like the slide shows and on Sunday my Fabric Stalker group is coming for brunch and some hand sewing so I'll get some photos of what they are up too!


  1. Ahhh Enzo... my stripped of fur doggies can sympathize! They all have gotten groomed and we had snow too... shivers!

  2. Enzo has empathy for their plight! He had to wear a jacket out this evening! lol

  3. Anna, I absolutely love your blog!!!! Love the Smilebox shows, love all your funny comments and quilty postings. Thank you. You're inspiring! Please say hi to Robin, Val, Nancy etc for me -- it's great to see them in your photos if not in person!
    Susan Rola'

  4. Hey Susan!!! So glad to see you are on board with this wild quilting journey! I'll say hi to the Fabric Stalkers tomorrow for you...and we must make an appt. to photograph your sewing space???