Friday, March 18, 2011

Suzette's Creative Space

Before starting the bio on Suzette, I had to show you the outcome of my St. Paddy's day dinner...not bad huh!

Suzette Shoulders is known locally for her ability to make a quilt crazy! She is an expert crazy patch quilter. Her web site will give you a hint to who is the woman behind all that fabric! If she were to describe herself she would immediately say, "Not a naturally tidy person." But, if I were to describe her I would have to say, she is generous of fabric and knowledge. She is always willing to share any fabric which you are looking for...if, she has it. Kinda like a fabric fairy. She has been a curator of her own collection for 36 years. At a guild meeting a woman shared a sign which hung on the door of her studio, "If I collected Hummels no one would ask me what I planned on doing with them." Likewise, her fabric collection is a history of her quilting life and she can recall the time and place of those special additions. In addition to fabric both she and her husband are addicted to books, just like me!

Suzette started sewing in 1972 and worked for Stretch & Sew. By 1975 she had begun quilting and crazy patching. But, she always knew she would quilt as her first memories are of a double wedding ring quilt her great grandmother had made. In 1998 she started a double wedding ring quilt of her own and as with a lot of us...someday it will be finished.

She moved to Bend in 2001 but had already been a member of the Mount Bachelor Quilt Guild for 2 years by then. She is an active quilter with many groups, the Material Girls, Liberal Women Quilters, Crazy Stitcher group, APWQ member (assoc. of pacific west quilters of Washington) and The Northwest Quilters in Portland. She is a valued teacher at BJ's Quilt Basket.

I hope you enjoy the peek into Suzette's life as much as I did.

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  1. I immediately fell in love with the octogon shaped table topper in your photo, and would love to make one myself. Could you tell me what the name of the pattern is, or who makes it? I even want to use the same fabric line!

  2. I love your blog! This post was absolutely a great kick off to my morning. So very inspirational...Pansys are my favorite flower, and I have a passion for books also. Her library of books and fabric ;) is perfectly awesome! I have spent the last few years accumulating fabric (and now wool!) and am just starting my first quilt. I have big plans for some recycled wool creations. ;) Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures. I am always excited to see a new post from your site! :)

    Brenda aka Pumpkin Hollow Primitives

  3. Well Barbara...just like a quilter to notice the quilt underneath the fabulous meal! That patter is called, "The Gypsy & The Frog" by Aardvark Quilts. you can google them. I have made a Christmas theme, Mexican, coffee and a chocolate one! Have fun, the pattern is addicting!

  4. Brenda, I am so happy you are enjoying our journey! Suzette's favorite flower is the pansy and she had pansy earring on when I did the interview! I would love to have a library like that! I am like you...starting the wool collection has opened a whole new world! I MUST know more about Pumpkin Hollow Primitives!

  5. Your dinner looks wonderful. I am glad to see Suzette's quilting space. I never did make it to one of the tea's with MG. I have heard alot about it and now I know. And yes, she is a very generous person.

  6. Thanks Sandy. I think Suzette needs to have a tea for all the people who cannot make her tea party!