Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

When I looked at my calendar for March I was doing the "happy dance!" It was filled with quilt activities! Starting with a trip on Thursday to Bev Piper's Quilt Room! She has been a prolific quilter, popular quilt teacher and is always generous of spirit when asked a quilt question. So stay tuned for that slide show, it is sure to be fascinating. I love seeing how and where quilters create!

Then on March 5th it's First Friday at QuiltWorks with Phyllis Dickenson. March 6th is First Sat. BOM at BJ's Quilt Basket (still have to make my blocks). Woolies meets twice this month. AND on March 11th I leave for Portland for the Portland Quilt Show!!!! Is anyone going to be there on the 12th??? March 16th is my Green Pieces BOM at Sew Many Quilts. The 27th of March is the Madras Quilt Show and wrapping up the month...my Shasiko Quilting class at the Stitchin' Post on the 29th...am I going to have a blast this month or what!!!

I lucked out yesterday at the Material Girls! Everyone was working away at projects and the show n' tell was wonderful. Because of my work schedule I can only attend twice a month...but boy am I never disappointed.
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  1. I am planning on going to the quilt show and it will have to be Saturday since I work during the week. Maybe we can finally meet!

  2. Sounds wonderful Michelle! I haven't looked up the details...as in where it is being held, the time! Are you familiar with the location, where a good spot to meet would be. I am so looking forward to a great show!

  3. It is at the Portland Expo Center, Hall A..2060 N Marine Drive Portland or.

    Just email as it gets closer and we can set a time..I just never know what time I will be there. I like to get there early and leave early so that I have the rest of my day to do stuff.

    503-860-8399 cell

  4. Will definately be calling. I like going early also!