Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hey Baby Girls...

I know I have said this before but my mom is the oldest of all her siblings and turns 81 this year. Therefore by default my sister and I are the oldest cousins. Since there were many kids in my mom's family, there are now many cousins. Most of child bearing age. Up until now my generation in the family tree have produced 12 boys and 4 girls! But, many child bearing years still exist for my generation...NO...not for my sister and I..our baby buns are dried out!

There has not been a girl born in our family in about 24 years! Now 2 of my cousins are expecting girls! When I asked them how they were decorating for the baby girls, they both said sweet, pastel, pink...girly, girl. I do not have sweet in my stash. In fact I have several baby quilt tops of the brights and black variety, some with dogs, Dr.Suess, Valori Well's Bliss get my drift...not one with a sweet pink color. Which required me to head to Sew Many Quilts to pick up some fat quarters of Bunny Hills, Lily and Will line. I am not a soft pastel kinda gal and this is a real challenge. Cutting into this fabric made me pause, and think...there are going to be some baby girls in our family! It's about time!

Here is the first block of my pinwheel quilt. By this afternoon I hope to have the top done before I head out for the quilt room photo shoot at Bev's!


  1. Beautiful girly girl fabric. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  2. Just you wait and see...I think the colors are influencing my dispostion today!