Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eye Of The Needle

Who would have thought that threading a needle could be so complicated! I have as many needle threaders and scissors! I keep looking for that perfect one...remember when you could just squint and thread the needle. Well those days are gone for me! Now I have been on the hunt for that perfect threader. I bought a 2-pack of the old fashions thin metal ones and the first one broke on the first tug!

I broke my cute one that was shaped like a heart...it did last a long time but finally broke while in Portland. Then my friend Mary R. showed me hers...it was fascinating. She got it from Sew Many Quilts. I ran right over there and was able through the generosity of someone special, purchase one!

This is the perfect needle threader! It threaded pearl cotton with just a slight tug and it has a small hook and a larger hook depending on the needle size and thread thickness. Keep on the look out for on of these...I had never seen them before but I do know that Sew Many Quilts has them on order!

Oh...and after realizing my mistake with the Thangle I threw a tantrum and cleaned my house top to bottom and never entered my sewing room the rest of the day. Today I am off to work...so maybe tomorrow I'll go back in there and wrestle with the Thangle!
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