Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Whaaaa....I have been rejected! It reminds me of when that world famous director chose Angelina Jolie over me for "Salt"!!!! The registration form I sent in for a wool class with Sue Spargo was rejected!!!!!!!!! It is my own fault...I have always known that if you want a class at the Quilter's Affair in Sister, Oregon...you gotta send in your application the day you receive it...or you are toast! 10,000 people come to view the largest outdoor quilt show in the United States and the classes start the week before. But...my gal pal and I just talked about it for 3 weeks and now...no cigar...I am on the waiting list! It is like being the second study for a Ballet...or being offered the movie role...after Angelina was offered it first and turned it down....Whaaaaaa. I am going to start lighting my incense to the Quilter's Affair god in hopes that they will see that Sue Spargo really wants me in her class...I am after all a model student!

I have to tell you that I am totally blown away by a local quilter, Mary Ann Lisk. She in my opinion, is way to humble and should be on the quilter's bookshelf as a published author! She is an amazing artist and has a drive to learn all the quilting techniqes out there. So much desire but so little time! Her New Orleans quilt was on display at the Huston Interantional Quilt Show and first place ribbons are part of her history! She loves to learn new techniques and seems...unlike me...to be able to remember how to do them past the time of the original class! I am always amazed by quilters like Mary Ann who see the quilt in their minds and then are able to create them....hummm...I think I need to take more classes!

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The Tuesday Therapy Group has been meeting since 2001. There are currently 13 members and many of them have been former guild officers. They meet 2-3 times a month, rotating homes. This month they met at Pris's house and her sewing room is meant for a group meeting. The first thing that struck me was how comfortable they were in each others company...and isn't that how you want your quilt group to be! There seems to be no rules...you come and you work on what you want too...whether it be quilting, knitting, stamping...any kind of hand work is allowed! Pris has been the chair for the Community Baby Shower which works towards improving the lives of women and children of Central Oregon...and the Tuesday Therapy group supports her endeavors.

If you were to list what Tuesday Therapy was about...Sewing, knitting, talking, eating and a whole lot of therapy! Once a year this group goes on retreat together to Lake Creek Lodge in Camp Sherman...after all one needs a break from therapy!

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  1. I can see why Mary Ann has won so many ribbons - amazing work!

    Pri's house is very inviting. Loved seeing all her snowflake quilts. It must be fun to be in a group that meets in homes - so cozy.

    p.s. Suggest you use larger font. :

  2. Yeah...I was totally blown away by Mary Ann's quilts...and the therapy group, well they were all about fun.

    Your eyes must be like mine...I could barely check my spelling but the slide show does not have a font size option...will pick a different slide show format! LOL