Monday, February 7, 2011

Journey Of A Quilter

I wonder if any of you are on the same journey as me? I have been trying to examine what quilting provides in my life and if I am enjoying the way I live that quilting life? Some would say, "Aw just shut your trap and quilt!" On the Glorious Applique blog I read this statement, "I just keep plugging along. Am so enjoying this project." I love that statement! That the words plugging along and enjoying all in the same thought! For so many year I have been at a fevered pitch with my quilting projects, vacillating between joy and guilt. Accumulating more and more and more UFO's and yet...making little head way?! Then I stopped and thought, what is it that I am enjoying about the process when, I am barreling through a project so I can just get her done!?

Why can't I just plug along and enjoy myself??? Where is the awareness of really looking at what I am doing? Where is the joy in feeling the process? So I stopped. Flat out stopped and decided that I am going to feel my process! I am going to pick up new projects just because I love them! As for UFO's I am going to enjoy those also. And, I am not going to let guilt or stress enter my fabric. In the short time I have been living the joy of quilting I have actually been productive, more joyful about my purchases and this blog was born which has given me great pleasure. I have made new quilting acquaintances and I am learning more about the quilting world! How are you feeling about your quilt life?

This is my next new project! A homespun and wool table runner called May Baskets, Primitive Pieces by Lynda perfect "still winter" project! I love the fabrics! I am going to start cutting this jewel today and take it with me to my mini quilt retreat this coming weekend. I am soooo excited about it and that is what I want to for each project I choose!
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