Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Flippin' Birds

Nancy releasing her bird blocks (flying geese) in the air...now there is bird poop all over the living room!

Part of Quilt Retreat is to not only to do some piecing, quilting, handwork...but to help each other with our "opinions" on money, food, husbands, children and of course our quilting. It is with the intent of helping a fellow quilter that I suggested she get rid of the project she had been hauling around in the seat of her chair for several years. They don't even make the fabric...you can't even find it on EBAY! I felt it had become a burden and was hindering her creativity...knowing that a project was coming along to each retreat with the title of "MONUMENTAL UFO".

At first the reception of giving up the "Flippin' Birds" as it had been referred to in the last several years was met with the same reception as someone being told, "I'm sorry but your husband called and you are not allowed to buy any fabric in this town!" But as the possibilities were discussed we decided as a group to challenge ourselves. NO, not to finish projects that have been around forever...but to make our friends finish them!!!! And so the "Flippin' Bird" challenge was initiated. We would each pick one project that we have come to hate or dread, that we wish we had never started and we would pass it to another group member. They could add a row, border or whatever and it does not have to look like the original project...it could be reborn, like a Phoenix!

Guess who ended up with the "Flippin' Birds?"


  1. Not a bad idea, but there is that danger that someone else's Monumental UFO could become yours! This was a great early morning giggle.

  2. Love this - emailled it to another member of my quilt group but I can tell you now that none of my group would be prepared to take on the same system. Shame I have a few UFO's up mu sleeve -good luck with the flippin birds!!!

  3. Actually Suz...we have to have recreated a portion ready to pass on each time we meet which will be about every 6 weeks...no excuses!!! It will be MONUMENTAL just no longer a UFO!

    I don't know Cherry...just the potential of getting rid of something that has been nagging in the quilt room, may be worth it! Don't give up on them...maybe when they see what I have done to the Flippin Birds they be ready to give it a try!