Saturday, February 19, 2011

Choices, Choices...

This the view out my sewing room window. HH had already cleared the drive earlier but it has continued to snow. It is a beautiful and interesting kind of fine as sugar, small flakes but non stop. So, he is back out there making a second pass...and I suspect he'll have to make another one tomorrow morning! When I woke up this morning to let Enzo out he went bonkers! Nothing like fresh powder to make him run and hop like a deer! I stood on the porch I knew it was going to be a great quilting day! What to do, what to do...I chose to start with quilting.

A layered quilt for a quilter is like a blank canvas for an artist. So many choices! Today I have made several choices that barely took a moments thought. Mexican or Italian in the crock pot? Mexican! Go out to the grocery store or not? NOT! Take a nap or pass on the nap? Nap! Get dressed after my shower or put my jammies back on...Jammies! What quilting motifs to quilt on my quilt?????? Now there is a stumper! What I do know is that a quilting motif can make or break the overall design. I know this from personal experience and have in the past been unhappy with a quilt because of the quilting choice. I actually know someone who sent their quilt to a long arm quilters and picked every stitch out because she didn't like it! So these final decisions are not to be taken lightly! I love this wall hanging and so the choices are being made incrementally. Which is fun!
I like my little stars. You can't see it very well but there are stars in the background fabric so the star quilting motif is a no brainer for me.
So far, I have got my little stars, my flowers in the baskets and the baskets themselves outlined. Each choice builds upon the previous and, this process although takes time, gives me joy as I see each step to completion...I am finding it more challenging as I work my way for...sashing, triangle setting squares and border...hummm reminds me of cooking!

It will take me several days to finish this quilt. One never wants to rush the muse and afterall I have so many others to fill in the spaces when I take a break to mull over my next choice!


  1. your snowy view is the stuff of Christmas Cards! How lovely and I love your pretty wall hanging! Enjoy finishing it!

  2. The snow is beautiful and so is your quilt.

  3. It sounds like choosing a quilting pattern stresses you out a bit. Relax! Enjoy! I love machine quilting. It's like adding my final signature to the quilt. I feel the quilting design is another layer of design. It doesn't have to "match" the quilt. Just like my signature, the quilting is individualized that it can stand on its own.

  4. Ah read between the lines...I have had some disasters but I am trying to take my time. thank you for the encouragement and with a "quilt therapist" for support...(cherry, I'm glad you are here) and the kudos of 2MuchFun I think today will be a great quilting day!

  5. I agree with you about quilting patterns...especially on smaller quilts like table runners and wall hangings."Less is often more" with those IMHO. You are off to a great start. Love the stars.
    Enjoy your snow day!

  6. Thanks Loris, I am loving the sun on the snow! and quilting...brings happiness to my fabric cave!