Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I rushed home after work...well, actually I had to stop at the store to buy yeast for the bread making. I didn't realize I needed yeast, I thought the starter was the yeast! When I got home HH said I needed to hurry because the starter had double in size and might take over the kitchen! I immediately set to making bread. Like quilting...I think bread making is an art! I have to keep in mind that the first few quilts were scary to make and over time I got better.

The issue for me (not bragging here) my learning curve for things I set my mind to is fast and furious. Cooking has been and may always be my Achilles heel. It seemed to be going well and when I put the dough in the brotform I set it over the heater vent to rise...and it did double in size. I plopped it on the baking tile and baked for 35 minutes. It didn't look bad and the brotform did make the design on the top...but, I am thinking there is something not right. It weighed a ton and HH said we should keep it as protection. It could be launched over the castle wall and wipe out the invading hoards!

I think like quilting you need to take time, the fabric needs to feel the love and you MUST enjoy the project or it just doesn't come out right. I have a friend who is a Quaker and a doctor and a bread maker. I have always envied her approach to life. She loves making bread every day. It is therapy for her and her love results in beautiful loaves of bread. Maybe I have been approaching this with toooo much stress. I have decided to embrace my starter, put it in the fridge and next week give it another try.

Henry, the guard of all that goes on in the sewing room. Sometimes I think he mocks Enzo and I! He wants only love when entering the quilt room...remember it is a "no flogging zone"...maybe I'll move him to the kitchen so he can remind me that it also needs to be a "no flogging zone!"
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