Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Woolie Mammoth

Someone asked me yesterday why the name Woolie Mammoth for a Central Oregon Quilt Blog? Well it's cause I could! LOL Actually, although I do every kind of quilting, except for paper pieceing...euuuwww...in the last couple of years I became addicted to wool! And the name Woolie Mammoth just jumped into my head. So, I asked my oldest son, artist, fireman, paramedic...to draw me a woolie mammoth. I couldn't believe he didn't know what that was! So I told him to go on the Internet and look it up...but I wanted a girl Woolie Mammoth! And so Penelope was delivered out of an artists pen...she goes by Penny.

The person who lead me down this path was Karlene, the wool expert at BJ's Quilt Basket! She has a very quiet, soothing, forgiving way of teaching and it was just what I needed to jump into the world of wool. Best of all with each class she would not only share her successes but her mistakes and short cuts!

Yes, I am addicted to wool...but in reality I am addicted to all things quilt! I could attend a 12 step program for quilters but in fact I love this addiction. It brings me joy, I get to share what I create with family and friends and best of all...it brings me friendship!

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