Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Kind Of Quilter Are You?

I am a slightly edgy quilter and I know I am not the only one. What does that mean??? Well for me, it means that I have a slightly competitive nature. I'll buy a really weird piece of fabric for no reason. I'm somewhat impulsive when it comes to quilting. I can't just make a quilt...I have to be moved emotionally in some way in order to make and complete a quilt. A few years ago I was making quilts on consignment...I finished 2 quilts. It was the most painful process because the pattern and color was chosen by someone else. I guess quilting needs to move me on a visceral level. My last consignment quilt was a tee shirt quilt for a football coach at U of O and included his high school football jersey...I was shaking while cutting into his tee shirts. So, what kind of quilter are you? I think it is an important question to ask because otherwise quilting can become a frustrating addiction.

For a vast majority of people who DO NOT quilt when you say you are a quilter they get this look of either incomprehension or they have just made an adjustment about what kind of person you are...aren't quilters little 'ol ladies who sit around and make quilts and just give them away? Have you every had some ask you to make them a quilt and they do not have any comprehension of the time and money it takes to make a quilt. Like, "hey...can you make a quilt this week for a niece of mine who is having triplets?"

Each year I quilt I get a clearer picture of what makes me happy. I think 2011 is going to be my banner year because I know I was "Born to Quilt!"


  1. I like playing with fabric and color. Still, I get a lot done so I am always being asked how I have the time? Well, I play with my fabric and designs maybe 3 - 4 hours a day. Really. I recently discovered that I really don't like to piece and I really do like handwork. Can't say I was Born to Quilt, but I did evolve!

  2. You do get a WHOLE lot done and still are able to donate time to others. I think one can get a lot done by carving out little bit of time here and there. And if you love hand work like you and I do...carrying it around with you allows a stitch here and a stitch there!