Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well I told you to expect a slide show of my shopping experience at Fabric Depot, I have to admit to you all, I have been here before and so must say that it is old hat for me. But, I remember the first time I walked through the doors. The shock factor is incredible! You must visit Fabric Depot in 2 different ways: totally without a plan and stash building...or with a specific plan. You must NOT...come through the doors thinking that you will decide once here. It is totally overwhelming. They carry practically every designer and the fabric is arranged by designer, not type or color. About every other month they have both a "in store" and "internet" sale of 40% OFF!!!! It is a ZOO!!! But to actually find your fabric on the internet requires some skill. The orginal building was a K-Mart store and it is not in the best of neighborhoods but that does not keep anyone from coming. Although I did not buy any fabric...because I did not want to stash build...nor did I have a plan...I did buy some items which I will share with you tomorrow. In the mean time enjoy the slide show!
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  1. Don't forget to mention the huge outdoor garage sale area that happens in the fairer weather.

    Everything is majorly discounted and you will probably never see it at that low price again!

    I don't think I've ever been and not found something to come home with me.

  2. I so agree with you about your mindset when you go to Fabric Depot. Looks like you had fun and I see some of those patterns from HollyHill will probably come home with me as well!! Next time give me a call when you pass thru!

  3. double Sandy/Sandi morning! I believe the garage sale area sometimes will be 75+% off regular price!

    I will most definately being calling and bringing my camera for a quilt slide show!!!

  4. Hmmmm, I'm wondering how I can get my husband to travel to Oregon again.

  5. Eileen...I know...tell him he needs a new gadget for the beaver coach!

  6. Can't say enough good things about your slide, gorgeous quilts, wonderful tours of shops and towns and beautiful photos of where you live. Thank you so much for sharing it all. It's very inspiring!

  7. Ok, I think that was a first for me, looking at a picture that someone took of a restroom! ROFL!! My excuse is I only stop at Starbucks, due to their clean bathrooms, and refilling of the ole ice tea cup!! I need to plan a trip up there to check out those wonderful stores you keep blogging about!! Hugs!!


  8. Loris, thank you for taking the time! I am glad you enjoy the slide shows!

    Pam...what can I say...I drive my gal pals crazy with my bathroom issues. I also am a starbucks bathroom patron. They don't make me use a porta potty on our trips because I will be inside lining the entire inside before i will use it...what can I say...we all have our issues! lol