Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Relationship Made In Heaven

I am not bragging just feeling the good fortune to be married to the perfect quilter's husband. The challenge as in all relationship is how to balance the need to spend every waking moment quilting and fitting in the time for a relationship with something other than fabric. So, when he wants to go and do some shopping I take along my hand projects! That way he doesn't feel the pressure of me waiting in the car, I don't get impatient and we spend time together. Here I am working on one of my wool projects with Enzo watching my every stitch. I think I should be a quilt counselor...I could solve may a martial problem.

Years ago when we lived in a small farm house on acreage, 2 bedrooms, one bath...I got a bee in my bonnet and bought a claw foot tub and decided HH and his friend could remodel the one and only bathroom on a weekend. Little did I know how much work was involved. The CAST IRON tub that was to be taken out took the 2 of them 4 hours to remove and place in the back of the property. It weighed a ton...only to discover the sub floor was rotting and needed replacement. That weekend project took a month and required that we buy a camping port a potty for our bedroom and take showers in our friends airstream that was parked in our back yard.

The pattern in my life is to always have high hopes for a quick project...this is leading into my Friday BOM afternoon. I had planned to complete and catch up on all 3 of my current BOM's in one afternoon. When in fact it took me all afternoon and into TV time to finish my first Henrietta Whiskers block. It is adorable and I can't wait for the next one...but the rest of my weekend sewing time is now adjusted for the other 2 BOM's which I now realize will take me longer than I anticipated. Wish me luck!

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