Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Got The Fever!

BJ's 2010 Mystery BOM. I choose the red and brown since it is not a palate that I normally use. Usually brights and Orientals are my comfort zone. I am happy with the blocks but now am faced with putting the top together by Saturday!!! Cause Vicki has thrown down the gauntlet in a way that makes every quilter gasp!!!! If, you finish your top and bring it in on Saturday your name is entered in a drawing to have it quilted by Sandy Lachowski!!!!!!!!! Sandy has been quilting my quilts for as long as I can remember and so this means I am supposed to WIN!!!!!!!!!! The challenge...finish my top!#$%^ I talked to one of my quilting groupies and she said she already threw in the towel...since she in involved in the surgical recovery of two family members...I feel really bad for her...but, more chance for me to WIN!!!!! This afternoon I will be a piecing fiend...hehehehe
I swear I have soooo many tools and rulers I have never when I actually used my little one x six inch ruler I was excited! Now it is my favorite tool...this week! Take a peek at how something so small can make a difference, especially with AARP eyes!

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  1. Got your message Vicki...I just had a glitch on the blog and had to delete the post...soooo now that it is fixed I am heading upstairs to finish my BOM!

  2. Love your blocks...YOU can do it!! I have a feeling you are going to win!! So exciting!! Now go for it!

  3. Hi Anna, I recently discovered your blog, and crazy as I am, I decided to go back to your first one so I could learn more about your quilting point of view. (That sounds weird... Kind of like Food Network Star.) Anyway, onward to my query... Your Smileboxes for these early blogs are no longer available! So sad. Are they still out there somewhere? By the way, I love Sisters and Bend and would be in heaven if I had a home there. I noticed somewhere that you went to UCSB. We lived in Goleta for over 30 years before we moved inland to Santa Ynez... To escape college students who rented all the homes around us. Anyway, I am enjoying your blog immensely. I think I feel a kinship to your quilting lifestyle. I guess most quilters who immerse themselves in their stitching hobby feel the same way. Reading on...