Friday, January 28, 2011

Holly Hills...Here I Come!!!!

My goal today was to document for the quilting world my trip to Holly Hills and to post the photographs of my shopping adventure! There were many a nay sayer who told me to forget my dream that there would be no photographing going on...but...I am a quilter who believe that what she imagines...will come true!

My first photo: Brian's shoes at Holly Hills...they are not his new shoes but his old shoes...but hey, these are acutally Brian's shoes!

Everytime I make the trip to Holly Hills I come away with my mind filled full of ideas and a heart brimming with hope! The hope that the many little projects I picked up on "this" trip will be done before the next trip! LOL But, I am realistic...I know that the project I bought on the last trip is still in its beautifully wrapped container...and I know the projects I bought today won't be done before my next trip in March...sooooo...why fight it...just give into the joy! I hope you enjoy the slide show of Holly Hills and be sure to check out Brian's Blog with the latest update of events happening at Holly Hills! what I do know is that they know how to throw an event!

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  1. WOW!!!! I am totally amazed that Brian let you do this! Way to go Brian and Jan!!! You did a great job representing the shop. I absolutely LOVE going in there and just gazing at the back wall with all the wool and wool projects. Now, Paulette is going to be frustrated that she did not get any pictures!

    I look forward every month for my quilting class. Lilainie (sp) is one of the gals that does many of the quilts in the shop and she is soooo full of knowledge!

    Thank you again and when I see Brian next I will thank him as well!


  2. Oh I am sew jealous - brings back lovely memories of my trip to oregon years ago - I think I need another one! Bit far to come from Australia though. Thanks for sharing

  3. Michelle, I am green with envy that you are able to take a monthly class at Holly Hills! If my eldest son & family lived in a house instead of an apt. I would move in regularly to live the dream...quilt classes at Holly Hills! Just think of all the UFO's I could creat!

  4. Cherry, you know my door is always open to a follower of the Woolie! I think you need another vacation!

  5. Ok Anna I can't wait to hear what "sweet" line you gave to Brian to let you take pictures. You've got the mojo Girl!! I hope you left something there for me on Weds. HaHa!

  6. I want to live there...I saw a bed and dishes in the slide show...there must be a kitchen somewhere near by. I can't wait to visit the store later this year. I hope Anna has not bought all the cute kits by then.

  7. Well Sandy you could come to the MG's on Monday to hear the tale, other wise next Woolies.

    Emily while there a man came in and wanted to buy one of the pieces of furniture, so one could live there. I did leave on kit for you and Sandy...but only one.

    Anne, I am game we just need to get Sandy to drive us!

  8. You two just need to get to Madras and I will be ready anytime!

  9. I was in Madras yesterday! stopped at Safeway to use the restroom...Anne and I will be there Wed.! or yeah...I work...ok another day!